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Abu Eesa Niamatullah

Walk Before You Talk

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I just love this story about the great Muhaddith and Imām, Hāfidh Abu Bisṭām Shu‘bah b. al-Hajjāj. Imām al-Dhahabi relates in his Siyar that al-Asma‘ī said: “We were once with Shu‘bah whilst he was was narrating hadīth when he heard the sound of pens writing (on wooden slates). “Is it raining?”…

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The Hijab vs The Beard

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It’s very difficult not to get irritated by those men who try to equate the challenge of wearing hijab with their own “challenge” of keeping a beard. The fear being of course that men might belittle the believing women and look down upon them, and conflate the difficulty of what women face with what…

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