The Syrian Child

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في الطفل السوري The Syrian Child     عجِبتُ للبحرِ إذ يُلقيكَ مُنفرِدا … ويرحلُ الموجُ عن جَنْبَيكَ مُبتعِدا I was amazed at the ocean that left you like that. All alone. Even the waves have departed far from your side     أخالهُ واجماً من هولِ صدْمَتِهِ … أو…

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Muslim Apologies

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Muslim Apologies by Nazreen Fazal Every night before sleepI swallow little pills of apologies,Regular doses so I can doze,See dreams well without random security checksEvery morning I mournThe day and its turnsAs I stir in strong condemnation with my teaAs I brush my teeth with more apologiesAs I cloak myself…

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