The wonderful Imam Ibn al-Qayyim once said, “If a picture of ‘ilm itself was to be taken, it would be more beautiful than the Sun and the Moon.” (Rawḍat’l-Muḥibbīn, 201)

‘Ilm – the study, learning and implementation of it – is the irresistible life force of the Muslim. I’ve been thinking about this recently whilst trying to develop a new website and find a name for it, a site which needs to be a source of knowledge; it needs to offer commentary, deep stuff at times, light-hearted at times, but relevant always. All subjects should be tackled however random they may be, and however Islamic they may seem or not. As long as there’s ‘ilm involved in the analysis then that’s what we want. It’s all about the ‘ilm!

And the lads pulled through. We got the name. And now, as you can see because you’re reading this right now, we got the site!

I do need to thank some folks first though: firstly I wanted to genuinely thank YOU all for your feedback and motivation and du’as. I also wanted to thank the crew at AlMaghrib Institute for helping me set everything up and hosting and dealing with all the back end missions. I also want to thank the authors who have agreed to support the site with the kind of content we want bismillahi ma sha Allah.

I want to thank my Mum and Dad for believing in me when everyone else didn’t; I want to thank my agent for hooking up the big deal just before I become incontinent because “it’s better late than never” they say; I want to thank my manager for sticking by me when we toured those small back-street joints where…woah, wait a minute, sorry, wrong speech. =)

We pray that Allah jalla wa ‘ala blesses the project. Ameen.

Welcome to IlmSource!


  •' Shazia Kaussar says:

    Jazak Allah Khair…

  •' Noor Salem says:

    May Allah (swt) place barakah in your endeavours; this is exciting! Looking forward to what’s to come in shaa Allah.

  •' Fahad says:

    I like how the website is plain and simple and easy to browse through. Hope the ilm also would be as easy to comprehend and straightforward.
    Cant wait to start reading, God Bless you all and thank you in advance.

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